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Chelsea Brown Noah Chhibber Rustin Rodewald Collective Bargaining Assignment: Labor 1. It is clear that a divide exists in the current local United Metal Products Union between older and younger workers that could pose a serious threat to the long term success and even existence of the local union. While older union members are most concerned with pension and retirement benefits as they are nearing retirement, the new workers (led by new president Bill White, are looking for input into capital decisions at the plant and increased job security. Our bargaining strategy going into this negotiation is to allow both a more modest wage increase than the workforce expects (.60 skilled, .40 unskilled) and a move toward pay-for-performance measures such as ImproShare and profit sharing in exchange for a more robust retirement package that includes more pension and insurance benefits as well as more vacation time for the most senior workers. The Bill White-led faction of younger workers is aware of the tight economic conditions of the plant and the local economy and wants more input in the plant’s direction as well as unemployment benefits and job security. Our first plan to make this faction happy with the agreement is to push for low-cost or zero-cost programs that will increase employee input into the plant and move toward a more participatory structure, such as forming a work rules committee that contains employees and giving the employees
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mandatory advance notice of plant closings beyond that provided by federal law. With these auxiliary rights secure, we plan on pressing hard for SUB and severance packages, paying for them by moving some wage increase money to profit sharing. The majority faction of the union is very concerned about job security and
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CB Paper - Chelsea Brown Noah Chhibber Rustin Rodewald...

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