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ILR 205 – H. Katz April 8, 2009 The Evolution of New York City Public Sector Labor Relations I. History A. Prior to 1960: Some unionization among city employees e.g. firefighters, police, transit, civil service “forum”, various teacher associations/organizations B. UFT formed in 1960; short strike in 1961 C. Mayor Wagner early and mid 1960s accepts CB (but exercises tight managerial authority and maintains good political and personal links to labor leaders during his administration) D. Mayor Lindsay era (1966-73) 1. Frequent strikes starting with transit in Jan. 1966 (TWU President Mike Quill) 2. OLR created within City government 3. OCB created as “neutral” administrative agency i. union certification and other administrative functions ii. interest arbitration is provided at impasse to all city employees except teachers (who get fact-finding) by vote of city council, with Lindsay’s support in 1969 iii. significant wage and benefit improvements (including police/fire “parity wars” and state legislature authorized
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nyc_lr_evolution_lecture_outline_4.8.09 - ILR 205 H Katz...

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