Notes on the CB movie - Notes on the CB movie Was just...

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Notes on the CB movie Was just cause? Artbitors one appointed by union and one by artbitor. Druge testing Daneiled seemed hassled and being obnoxious. He was not clam , went into break room, polot waiting for passenger door to be fixed,. Got to the plane was calm to fix door, check retroom and smelled marajoana but didn’t think Daniel had been smoking. Asks for drug test and then test came back positive. Employee using drugs in workplace and effected his performance in fixing the passanger door. The union saw the event as he went to go get coffee and then in restroom and maganger ranting and raving when he was going to the batheroom. He found a immatitnet susan and he was trying to get it done. Then trying to check the door then gets called from boss saying he didn’t fix landing gear. Said he need to make checks and boss said no so he signed off on it. He says he has to have a drug test and said nothing like what happened last year. Proof he used drugs on job was imared on job and was impaired because of druges. -How can u prove they were on druges on the job. . is druge test enough…how can wemployyee defend tehmeseves and what are your rights. The company witnesses said against danels, the company has the burden of proof, the company says that tests both positive. that company has burden of proof. Company idd what was reuwired of them. Grievant had used and prosseded marajana at work and their was just cause to terminate employement of daniles. Richard the boss says that supervior of maintence, had supervied him for 9 years, year ago he was attendence his addititue he said troube with gf and said over and everything went back to normal. He went to break room to make sure he wasn’t lingering, break room no one there but smelled marajoana and went into batheroom and was coming from stall and no one in their. Educational seminars and did so under labrotory conditions. Said he went into a relazed state, and to require druge test was that the extrems of his conduct ghoing form andry and hostile to indifference his choice of words and describing the situations slurring words and the fact that he smelled marajoana. The end of the incident, other abritaitor the door went open after the door had been closed
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Notes on the CB movie - Notes on the CB movie Was just...

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