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Memorandum Regarding Mock Bargaining -- D.G. Barnhouse, TO: ILR 205 - Collective Bargaining Students FROM: Professor Harry Katz DATE: Feb. 18, 2009 SUBJ: Instructions Concerning the Mock Collective Bargaining Game This memorandum provides important information concerning the D. G. Barnhouse mock collective bargaining exercise rules, procedures, and requirements. 1. In the period prior to the beginning of the formal bargaining session you should formulate demands and proposals, and consider your bargaining strategy. You should read the D.G. Barnhouse material in Appendix A of the Katz/Kochan text and your company or union supplementary memos. You also should familiarize yourself with the CBG contract costing program that you can access on the L drive (see the attached instructions regarding how to access the costing program). Unfortunately, due to the DOS basis of the disk, it is difficult to save contract options as a file. See the attached instructions on how to save a contract proposal. You should print your contract proposals when you formulate them. You are urged to spend at least two hours meeting with your team prior to the game as well. If you have questions about operating the Barnhouse costing program please contact Martha Schniepp (mjs447). 2. Actual bargaining will take place on Saturday, Feb. 28 or Sunday, March 1 in various classrooms of the ILR School. You will start bargaining at 10:00 a.m. 3. The strike deadline is 2:00pm . Any group that has not reached settlement by that time will write a ten-page paper (each team member) explaining your strategy during the strike. 4. CBG contract summary and income statements signed by each union and management team member, describing the terms and cost of the settlement, are to be handed in to Professor Katz or one of the TA’s no later than 2:30pm. (These pages should be produced
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This note was uploaded on 05/05/2009 for the course ILR 2050 taught by Professor Larrykatz during the Spring '09 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Mock_Bargaining_exercise_D.G._Barnhouse.sp09 - Memorandum...

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