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8a1 cases – freedom speech -gissel - Lechmere -ee acess rules 8a5 duty to bargin - mangament decision are madatory subjects when the benefit for the cb process outweighs the buden on business remdies will never be an issue in a case unless theres been a finding of a viloatoin of the act do fist the court will see if theres a vilation ex 8a1 and hten once theres a finding of a vilation then the court decide what remedies are avaible for the violations but u never have to ask that question if theres no vioalktion it’s the conqusce of labilitity
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Unformatted text preview: hoffman case - us supmree court case in 2002 and courts still trying to figureout stuff about case NLRA remedies -orders --posted notice- says this is what we did and we don tagain -back pay- compenation would have reicived if haven’t been illegally fired -unpaid wages- come up in cases wehre someone doesn’t get a promoition cahges wages turns out ot be illgal -reinstatement- get ur job back reinstated to posotion u were in -...
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