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Bonified f o q - engage in other concerted actiivites for...

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26/03/2009 10:38:00 Bonified f o q- in liited cirmcumstances an employer can take the religion gender  or naitonaml orgin of a employee into account. Has to be related to esseance of job  itself.  Cumstomer preference is not enough, no question that pan am preferred women  so title 7 violation being femial was not bfoq. And was title 7 violation. Resonally ness to  operation of partilcar bunessness. In the prison one there was not a title 7 vioaltion  beauce being fmiale limited abohitliy to be safe and it was a bfoq.  NLRA- concerted or collected -thrid exception to at will employment  private section only  title 7- right to self organize etc to bargin thorugh reps on their chosing and 
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Unformatted text preview: engage in other concerted actiivites for the pripose of collective barngining aor other mautal aid or protection and shall also have right to refrain from. . • wouldn’t have right wiouthout peivous activity colletive • idvid emplyoes cant envoke rights • not all concerted acitivies are protected – wathting case- no nunoin. Was a lbor dispute had been complaining over time , if its agsaint something union ahs agree to its not protected. Didn’t do slow down the just walked out , ittentt was not to harm the employer. Employers can replace workers when walk out happens rather than slow down...
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