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HOW TO WRITE AN UNSEEN COMMENTARY INTRO In the first sentence: From where, who by, what it is (conversation between characters, reflecting thoughts, description) The extract from the novel Zorba the Greek, by Nikos Kazantsakis, is a conversation between the Zorba and the narrator, reflecting Zorba’s thoughts and feelings towards relationships between man and woman. First sentences: how it might set the scene, establish a certain tone etc The first sentence is bold and exasperated, dehumanising women as an “everlasting business”. This opening line clearly establishes a tone of superiority, outlining the character’s attitude towards females. Is it first, second, third person or ominous? – explain why it’s important to the passage Although written in first-person, the narrator has little input into the conversation, re- establishing Zorba’s superior presence in the speaker’s philosophy. What the whole extract does: it’s PURPOSE (which may be its theme)
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