MYP_Practice_Lab_Write_up - MYP LAB PRACTICE Name:_ Date:...

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Name:___________________________ Date: ____________Period: ________ I. Design What is the title of your experiment? Aim/Objective: (usually given by the teacher) To investigate the effect of __________________________ on __________________________. Initial Observations/Background information (define new terms): [These may be given, or found in texts, encyclopedias, online, etc] State Research question: (This must be focused. DO NOT JUST RESTATE THE AIM GIVEN BY THE TEACHER) Hypothesis: [Should be stated clearly, formatted as though a fact.] The ______________________________ will/will not affect _____________________________________ [independent variable] [dependent variable, include units]. Prediction Statement: We write this separately from hypothesis to make sure we don’t forget it, but they both represent the same thing. If ______________________________________________________________________, [state how you will manipulate the independent variable] Then ____________________________________________________________________ [state how you think the dependent variable will respond] Because _________________________________________________________________. [scientific phenomenon to support your decision. You should quote information from the background research] Components: Independent (manipulated) Variable: The factor (variable) that is going to change is: _______________________________________________________________________________. Describe your experimental groups in terms of the independent variable. What are the different levels of your independent variable (include units)? Describe how you plan to achieve and maintain each level: Dependent (responding) Variable The factor that I am going to be measuring (as a response to my experiment) is:_____________________________________________________. What is the measuring device?
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MYP_Practice_Lab_Write_up - MYP LAB PRACTICE Name:_ Date:...

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