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Exam one review sheet Exam One Review Sheet Chapter 1, Foundations of Communication Define communication o The process whereby one person stimulates meaning in the mind of another through verbal and/or nonverbal means List the eight propositions about interpersonal communication o Communication has both nonverbal and verbal components o You cannot not communicate o Communication expresses both content and relationship o Meanings are in people o Communication is irreversible o Communication is a neutral tool o Communication is a learned skill o Communication takes place in physical and psychological contexts Chapter 2, So What's Stopping You? How do situational anxiety and dispositional anxiety differ? o Situational anxiety-the normal anxiety people experience when they find themselves in a stressful situation One type of situational anxiety is stage fright When you give a presentation, you invite judgment Fear of evaluation o Dispositional anxiety-the anxiety you feel about communicating in most situations. Often called “trait-like anxiety”; it affects people in most parts of their lives These people are profoundly affected by anxiety; it permeates most of their lives Problem starts early Avoid highly interactive extracurricular activities that offer opportunities for leadership Attributed to three environmental factors Inadequate positive reinforcement for communication
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Poor skill development Lack of good models of communicating Describe ways to manage, reduce or overcome the fear of communicating. o Confidence comes from preparation. o Familiarize yourself with the situation and the audience o Get a feel for the setting; get there early o Be an expert on the topic and find something that interests you o Prepare more material than you could ever use o Brainstorm questions the audience might ask and think of responses o The more you focus on yourself, the more you get distracted from the message o Talk to a specific audience member and smile at them o Don’t have rigid rules o Systematic desensitization: a therapeutic technique to help anxious people reduce their fears by associating communication with relaxation o Chapter 3, Ethics and Professional Communication What are some guidelines for communicating ethically in your professional life? o Take responsibility for your own communications o Treat others communication with tolerance and respect o Muster the commitment and will to put money where your mouth is o Understand and respect others before evaluating and responding o Comdemn communication that degrades individuals and humanity through distortion, intimidation, coercion, and violence, and through the expression of
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Exam one review sheet - Exam one review sheet Exam One...

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