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faciliate meeting - Brighton Keller Preparation for meeting...

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Brighton Keller Preparation for meeting facilitation Leadership and group dynamics Our group worked together to establish identity and goals for the presentation. We created our identity by calling ourselves the Globetrotters and by agreeing to be committed and devoted. We informally discussed being reliable members and set up some general agreements or guidelines for our group such as respecting deadlines and showing up to all meetings. A collective goal of doing well on presentation day proved to be enough to unify us as a group. Leadership was not assigned because we all agreed to share the responsibility of the presentation; however, there was emergent leadership as members took on roles and gained influence among the group. For instance, Michelle took on one of the leading maintenance roles as she paid careful attention to our group process and preparation. Specifically, for our first formal meeting, she typed up a basic but helpful agenda of the things we needed to accomplish. Chris also served a maintenance role as the primary communication facilitator. He gathered all of our information and unified the group by making sure everyone received e-mails about tasks and reminders for meetings. Among the other leadership roles, I would say I took on a task role rather than a maintenance role. I was concerned with getting things done while we were together because I realized the importance and scarcity of our meeting time. Also, I understood that indirect communication through e-mails is not as efficient for making decisions as when we have the advantage of face-to-face communication. Although I made sure we accomplished what we need to do at each meeting, I tried to maintain a supporting atmosphere and social climate for discussion. This way everyone felt valued and comfortable to participate. The other members and I maintained a supportive climate by making sure to use confirming responses. For example, we acknowledged each others ideas when presenting a new idea by responding in a way such as, “I agree with you Marshall that this problem has immediate needs, but I also think we need a way to generate ideas among the audience for long term solutions.”
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faciliate meeting - Brighton Keller Preparation for meeting...

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