Possible interview questions

Possible interview questions - Possible interview questions...

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Possible interview questions 1. Tell me about your role as the director of operations. a. Invovlved in a lot of different things i. Overseeing 5 of the clubs 1. 3 neighborhood clubs/traditional 2. 3 highschool clubs ii. programming, transporttion, kids café (dinner program), volunteer 2. What kinds of responsibilities do you hold? a. Play a role in everything such as events b. Coordinate programming events, helping with fundraising c. Kids selected. Spring fundraiser. They wil l bring kids to help coordinate and select kids in shirts 3. I know a little bit about boys and girls club and understand that it’s a safe haven for kids to spend their afternoons after school. Tell me a little bit about these clubs. a. What kinds of activities go on in these clubs? i. Youth development organization, similar to a ref department, ymca ii. We serve kids who are a little more in a need than others iii. Wouldn’t have anywhere else to go, part of mission is to serve kids who need us the most so clubs are located in high stress neighborhoods and school based clubs are in elementary schools, middle, and high schools 1. Schools who are struggling to stay open and pass tests iv. Education careers homework help, tutoring v. Sports fitness and recreation
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Possible interview questions - Possible interview questions...

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