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February 5 - Electrical gradient and ion concentrations...

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February 5 Drugs enhance levels or neurotransmitters to superfluous amounts—above what is normal. Cocaine is an agonist because it heightens the activity between the neurons Dopamine increases the function of the neurotransmitter. It alters the re-uptake mechanisms of dopamine so that there’s more of it in the synapse The nerve impulse/action potential o Travels along the axon 10-100 meters per second o Are relative to resting potential Electrical gradient of -70mV exists between inside and outside of neuron cell far more NA+ outside than inside Concentration gradient: Na+ more concentrated outside the cell and K+ more concentrated inside Maintained by sodium-potassium pump that pumps 3 Na+ ions out of cell for every 2 K+ ions pumped in o Why a resting potential?
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Unformatted text preview: Electrical gradient and ion concentrations prepare neuron to respond rapidly to stimulus o The negatively charged proteins inside the cell maintains the negative charge inside the cell. o Potassium tends to flow inside the cell because of the electrical gradient • The previous part of the nuron is in the the state of hyperpolarization and is really negative and would require quite a bang to reach the threshold o The distribution of ions is much less negative because the potassium ions are outta there o So the action potential travels in one direction o Once the terminals are reached, the calcium channels Ca++ open Required for exocytosis Calcium binds to actin and myosin and the neurotransmitters are released •...
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February 5 - Electrical gradient and ion concentrations...

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