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March 3 - • Predetermined by gentic factors You can have...

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March 3 Most cells in your body turn over, most cells die and are replaced Neurons are born in fetal life and then those very cells are the ones functioning into adulthood Neurons grab a hold of glia cells Migration: making a huge odyssey through all kinds of territory. They do it without mistakes, following ques along the way. There is evidendce that shows that young neurons have an idea about where they are migrating to and can recognize where they are going in the brain Susan McConnell experimented to track the destiny of a neuron Neurons come from stem cells Fate determined by its neighbors. The cell I plastic and listens to the cells around it A lot of the factors that determine end point of cells determine what stage of development of the cell is in The strategy is in the genes. It follows a blue print. Connections are following very specific rules.
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Unformatted text preview: • Predetermined by gentic factors. You can have several connections but how are certain connections preserved and why are others not preserved. Based on the premise of use it or lose it. The connections that are ued will be maintained and preserved • Apoptosis: program cells that all cells in early development are programmed to die but the one thing that will prevent them from destructing is whether or not they are being used • Malleable process, things are constantly being changed • environment shapes the brain but cant completely change genetic destiny • neural development o nervous system should still be in the womb o read the publications of this study o genetic factors and experiences dictate development o its important for the development of the brain and child to be the with the mother once it is born o...
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March 3 - • Predetermined by gentic factors You can have...

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