the principal thing in this world is to keep ones

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Unformatted text preview: wealth may be fulfillment enough, most people should, and indeed do, temper the pursuit of wealth against other values, goals, and priorities. Moreover, they recognize that money is merely a means to more important objectives, and that the pursuit itself may undermine the achievement of these objectives. 32. “You can tell the ideas of a nation by its advertisements.” “¨ L , ¶ ª A á Fkª’ W , ” 1. È . B · ª A idea À idea n a formulated thought or opinion p è ° ’ E T ’E 6 =“ idea a mere picture of a product, service, outlook, or U5= fashion is not an "idea". 2. ˜ q è ° ’ E p . = ·ªV È idea p è ° ’ E idea˜ q è ° ’ E p . = ·ª V È( g¶ U gU U5= “ c ƒ Î* - ’E p 5 dea“ i= À 3. R ’E 6= “ idea n :n U .˜ q è ° ’ E p . = ·ªV È( g¶ ˜ qè ° ’ E p . = ·ªV È( g¶ idea definition reflect reflection mirror exhibit public-interest advertisement appeal petition judging from the preceeding analysis advertisements can not convey an idea, not...
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