recession overcome the huge destroy

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Unformatted text preview: � ,a, � � � � � � � � z • , � � executive � � complete the normal administration, such as raising the price, reducing the —— � � @ K B superabundant staff… b, X � � � + � � � J B E � � � � � � � � cost­effective. � Following such undue concern about ethics, the company may find it impossible to survive in the radical competitive market, let alone to gain large profit. View1: the definition of highest standards of ethics vary from person to person and time to time. Therefore, it is impractical to find and then stick to the highest standards of ethics. At some circumstance, violation of ethics may generate immediate efficiency and productivity. Examples: ?? View2: the regulations and laws of authorities are more feasible and suitable standards to follow. View3: while waiting for government regulations may draw back the processes of eliminating the ill actions, we can count on the authorities to speed up the process of refining the...
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