1 2 3 the so called cultural innovation does exists

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Unformatted text preview: s S ��� �� 7g@ @S @ @K B E z 1. ˜ ó A • “ * ˜ ó A · ª* 8 Ì € / ª’ + u s i ˜ó A• “* ˜ ó A · ª* 8 Ì € / ª’ + u s i 2 2. Y � � � � Ì € / ª ’+ u s i ° Ð v ¯ª * Hvs · ª * ˜q Ł + Ð • E · ª* È< S 3. ˜ ó A • “ * ˜ ó A · ª* 8 Ì € / ª’ + u s i ˜ ó A• “* ˜ ó A · ª* 8 Ì € / ª’ + u s i honest honesty dishonest dishonesty loyal loyalty instead An employee with excellent expertise and a lot of previous work experience but dishonest and not loyal to the company will sometimes do no good to the company while do harm instead, because they may use their expertise and experience to do something that can benefit themselves while damage the company. optimistic pessimistic optimism pessimism negative positive index quantify recessive likewise compatible interdependent dependent independent quantifiable Thesis sentence: in spite of work experience and education background, there are many other factors, which are difficult to judge, essential in job candidates selection. View1: Loyalty is an important factor in determine whether a candidate wil...
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