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Unformatted text preview: es an overemphasis by saying "It is the strong individual, the person with the most commitment and engergy, who gets things done. 1. & €Ì w ’ª E a n ° Ðv¯ ª V 0 v a · ªV b ΃ * ’- E p5=“ ÿ8=“ ð 8=“ `8 2. ˜ q è ° ’ E mj = ª · V È(g¶ .è v = · ª V ,S ’E 6=“ .n U ˜ q è°’ E mj = ª · V È , p è°’ E , . -ø 3. È ( g ¶ ª V / h ’ª E á R ’E .˜ q è ° ’ E mj = ª · V È .è v = · ª V ,è v = · ª V ,n è v =·ª V, . ø regimentation è v = · each does his or her own duty technology organic organically View1: efficiency comes from work divisions. In today’s business world, it is unpractical for one person to accomplish an entire program. Actually, only every competent person finishes one part of the mission, entirely whole program get done. View2: An organization is not simply put competent people together but combine them to form a organic integrity, thus induce higher efficiency an productivity. The relationship between teamwork and individual strength, energy, and commitment is...
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