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Unformatted text preview: clusion, this argument is not persuasive as it stands. A more convincing argument must provide additional sales data, collected at different periods of the year and at different locations, that substantiates the trend in question. 86. The following appeared as part of an article in the business section of a daily newspaper. “Company A has a large share of the international market in video-game hardware and software. Company B, the pioneer in these products, was once a $12 billion-a-year giant but collapsed when children became bored with its line of products. Thus Company A can also be expected to fail, especially given the fact that its games are now in so many American homes that the demand for them is nearly exhausted.” s 2 aF �pŁ ° ’ W d ’W a@ @ 6 &B6 ´ b qè° ’ W * ?B6 • ª * • ‡ À ¶ª A È L, A 120 � p Ł ° ’ W ƒ Î é - ’W p ?B 6 1 E ´ªA 2 A �� � � � share � � � ° ¥6 In this argument the author reasons that the failure of Company B portends a similar fate for Company A. The grounds for this prediction are similarities that exist between the two companies. The line of reasoning is that since...
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