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Unformatted text preview: in allowing the construction of the mall in the first place.”(2 ) Elm �� � {� � � � ° Ð v¯ª A ƒ Î é-’ W � À Z ÿ ' B6 U ð'B6 ÿ. `'B V ÐZ “· ªA ðL ȶ ªA À 0 v . · ªA p ?B6 1. 2. 3. 1 2 3 ,� U g@ R � ’W ƒ Î é-’ W * ? B6 & B6 p ?B6 M ÿ ' B6 ð'B6 ƒ Î é- ’ W p?B6 * ? B6 `' To begin with, the author fails to establish the causal relationship between the shopping mall's opening and the closing of local businesses. Moreover, the author's conclusion is also based on the assumption that the shopping mall has caused the increase in crime and vagrancy. Finally, even if the shopping mall did cause the closing of local business and the increasing crime and vagrancy in Oak City, the author's prediction that Elm City will suffer from the same fate as Oak City is still open to doubt. )In this editorial the author rebukes Oak City for allowing the construction of a new downtown shopping mall. Citing a number of (¤ ‹ 6 · ª A problems that have occurred since the building of the mail, the author...
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