3 however what i mentioned above does not mean that

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Unformatted text preview: � � � � � ¨ custom‚ 9 ∙ “ *� � � � � � �� � ¨ celebrate the Valentine’s Day, q Ł + � � o 2 ∙ “ * � � ¨ < ¶ Spring Festival� �p Ł + � � � � � � � � Optional words: Homogeneity/ homogeneous/ homogenize/ Difference/ divergence/ deviation/ variance/ disagreement/ conflict Thesis sentence: View1: the development of multinational corporations does enhance global unity by bringing the same methods of business administration as well as products and services throughout the world. Evidence: western fast food bring by global chain express such us McDonald’sand KFC have change our diet habits a lot View2: however, the effect of multinational corporations is far from eliminating regional deference. The corporations itself is blend in the regional features. Evidence: Lay’s, one of the most successful multinational food manufacturers, add some flavor of traditional Asian dishes to its potato chips in order to attract foreign cus...
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