3 the condition that is required is absurd there is

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Unformatted text preview: s a better business location, and the Cumquat Cafe has made a mistake in moving to its new address.” Discuss how well reasoned . . . etc. Hippocrene �� � � � � � � ‘ ‚ `¶ “ �� �� � � � � ‘ 9 Cumquat �p Ł + � � � � / þ A·ª * Hippocrene F� � � + � � � J /þ A · ª * 2 BE Ì€ w ª’ E y umquat � � C @K Cumquat —I BE � � � � @ I B E 12 gratuitous assumption: It is absurd to say the Hippocrene has been quite successful in the original location of Cumquat Café Restaurant only because the former is planning to open a large outlet in a nearby city. 22 false analogy 32 causal oversimplification: Other factors other than the location that may contribute to the success of the H and the failure of the C should be considered and ruled out. ( )Business is obviously unsuitable to the location. On the other hand, a bank in the same location might be extremely successful simply because of its suitability to the location. In the third place, the author’s claim that Hippocrene has been s...
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