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Unformatted text preview: s style often come from those subject to it. In a process of review that isn’t connected to promotion or pay, employees at all levels can be more comfortable and forthright about sharing concerns. In turn, every employee is more likely to get accurate feedback , including constructive criticism, that will help each nurture strengths and improve areas of weakness. In this way (adv. directional evaluation can greatly enhance organizational efficiency. Furthermore, multi­directional evaluation in this context helps prevent worker alienation and subsequent lowered productivity. Widening the performance review process will very likely foster a greater sense of personal involvement in one’s work , especially among lower­level employees. Recent studies have shown that people who feel more invested in their jobs tend to work more cooperatively and productively. In conclusion, there is an important role for multi-directional personnel evaluation in the workplace. While it should be clearly separate from issues of promotion and pay, as part of...
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