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Unformatted text preview: gality, while a plethora of ads for inexpensive on­line brokerage services reflects an optimistic and perhaps irrationally exuberant economic outlook. However, a mere picture of a social more, outlook , or fashion is not an “idea”—it does not answer questions such as “why” and “how”? Admittedly, public­interest advertisements do present ideas held by particular segments of society—for example, those of environmental and other public­ health interest groups. However, these ads constitute a negligible percentage of all advertisements, and they do not necessarily reflect the majority’s view. Consequently, to assert that advertisements reflect a nation’s ideas distorts reality. In truth, they mirror only the business and product ideas of companies whose goods and services are advertised and the creative ideas of advertising firms. Moreover, advertisements look very much the same in all countries. Western and Eastern alike. Does this suggest that all nations have essentially identical ideas? Certainly not. In sum, the few true ideas we might see in adverti...
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