4each generations culture achievements such as those

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Unformatted text preview: tive as, or perhaps more productive than, full­time workers. In conclusion, the vice president’s recommendation against adopting family­friendly programs is not convincing. To strengthen the conclusion it must be shown that Summit is representative of other companies such as Nadir. Additionally, evidence would have to be provided for the assumption that employees who participate in family­friendly programs are less productive than other employees. 105. The following appeared in an editorial from a newspaper serving the town of Saluda. “The Saluda Consolidated High School offers over 200 different courses from which its students can choose. A much smaller private school down the street offers a basic curriculum of only 80 different courses, but it consistently sends a higher proportion of its graduating seniors on to college than Consolidated does. By eliminating at least half of the courses offered there and focusing on a basic curriculum, we could improve student performance at Consolidated and also save many tax dollars.” Saluda Saluda Ł ` ¶ “ * —IBE�� * ' B6 � � 200 � � � � � �...
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