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Unformatted text preview: ver, if the manufacture has already done well to provide excellent and safe product plus clear and detailed instructions and it is the consumers' misconduct that should be blamed for the incidence, then the manufacture is not responsible for the injury. View1: safe is one of the most important features of products View2: the extremely strict standard of safe liability is costly and unfair to the manufacturers. Evidence: this standard force manufactures to do excessive safety testing, and defending liability law suits, Consumers are then damaged by ultimately bearing these costs in the form of higher prices. nothing can be absolutely safe if used inappropriately. while manufacturers have given clear guide on how to keep and use their product, it is still impossible for manufactures to ensure their products being under proper use. More over, a large number of victims are not direct customers but second-hand users, who can not receive all instructions and guidance. In determining whether manufacturers should be accountable for all injuries resulting from the use of their products, one must weigh the interests of consumers against th...
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