Additionally evidence would be required for the

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Unformatted text preview: Furthermore, even if the survey accurately ranks certain issues according to level of employee concern, the highest­ranked issue in the survey might not be the issue about which employees are most concerned. Why? The improvement most needed from the point of view of the employees might not have appeared as one of the choices on the survey. For example, if the list of improvements presented on the survey was created by management rather than by the employees, then the issues of greatest concern to the employees might not be included on the list. Lacking information about how the survey was prepared, it is impossible to assess its reliability. Consequently, any conclusion based on it is highly questionable. In conclusion, the director’s conclusion is not well­founded. To strengthen the argument, additional information regarding the way in which the employee survey was prepared and conducted is required. 67. The following appeared in an article in a travel magazine. “After the airline industry began requiring airlines to report their on-time rates, Speedee Airlines achieved the number one on-time rate, with over 89 percent of its flights arriving on time each month. And now Speedee is offering more flights to more destinations than ever before. Clearly,...
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