Additionally it would be necessary to show that

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Unformatted text preview: t our profits have fallen over the last few years. To improve Beta’s competitive position, we should try to hire a significant number of Alpha’s former workers, since these experienced workers can provide valuable information about Alpha’s successful methods, will require little training, and will be particularly motivated to compete against Alpha.” β α˜ q è ° ’ W ˜ qè ° ’W È <, ¶ ª A p è p s *·ªA p s *·ªA á F kª’W ° È V ’ 15� � ’ α α� W * ? B6 . α˜ qè ° ’ W βh p s *·ªA * ·oª A 9* αh *· ªA *· ªA α È L , ¶ αh È L , ¶ β pè ° ’W 1. 2. 3. 4. According to the common sense the workers who are laid off are always the least effective and well-experienced. Whether the Alpha Company is successful or not is still open to doubt. The recruitment will bring benefit to the company and cost at the same time. No conclusion can be given until the benefit-cost analysis has been made. The products the two companies manufacture are just similar. The skills the Alpha company's wor...
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