As it stands the argument is not well reasoned to

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Unformatted text preview: s not analogous to the color film industry. causal oversimplification: Other factors that may contribute t to the cost decline of the printing cost should be considered and ruled out. gratuitous assumption: The conclusion of the argument is based on a gratuitous assumption that the company can minimize cost and maximize profit because the company has been conducted for 25 years. ¨ - =· ª color film processing processing of food � � � problems of spoilage, contamination, and 1. timely transportation 2 2. ¨ < , ¶ª A �p Ł á Fkª ’W food 2 $ film. ’ COST (c9 • ªA material necessary for the process + �� � ��� �� 3. gratuitous assumption *? B 6 � � � 7 @ � � � out of date. . Citing facts drawn from the color­film processing industry that indicate a downward trend in the costs of film processing over a 24­year period, the author argues that Olympic Foods will likewise be able to minimize costs and thus maximize profits in the future. In support of this c...
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