Because the argument offers no evidence that would

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Unformatted text preview: itals, as well as establishing a causal link between the various factors cited and the quality of care delivered to patients. 44. The following is part of a business plan created by the management of the Megamart grocery store. “Our total sales have increased this year by 20 percent since we added a pharmacy section to our grocery store. Clearly, the customer’s main concern is the convenience afforded by onestop shopping. The surest way to increase our profits over the next couple of years, therefore, is to add a clothing department along with an automotive supplies and repair shop. We should also plan to continue adding new departments and services, such as a restaurant and a garden shop, in subsequent years. Being the only store in the area that offers such a range of services will give us a competitive advantage over other local stores.” Megamart �� � � �� � � � � �� �� � � � �� �� � � � *? B6 °Ð v¯ ª A 9o * 0 v. · ª A * ,* p Ł . Z + � B *?B 6 ¼ � 9o * ÿ. V * ,* Ð Z“·ª A *?B 6 ðL ȶ...
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