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Unformatted text preview: � � � � � � � � — vfl “ * � � H v • “ * � � � � � nuclear weapons; heroin is made by people with standard chemistry knowledge… with the guide of virtue, science can be the best servant of human; however, on the other hand, without such guide, it can become the most dangerous weapon. 3. false dilemma. The speaker falsely put the school in a dilemma by suggesting the teaching of science and that of arts are mutually exclusive. � � � � � � � � £ E • Because scient View1: primarily and secondary school, whose main function is to teach general knowledge and more important, to shape healthy personality, should place at least as much attention on the arts and humanities as they do on science and technology View2: Contrarily, university and college should devoted more time on teaching science and technology as they are becoming more and more essential to our modern society. However, it dose not mean the Arts and humanities is not important and the time devoted to it should be decreased. Universities can increase the teaching hour on science and technology by ways such...
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