Engaging coworkers in occasional conversation about

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Unformatted text preview: will probably talk to other fellows about the bad emotion, which may have a potentially negative influence on the productivity of the staff. so on… allow personal life to impinge upon their job performance or intrude on coworkers.(sample) 12 22 Optional words: Separate/ isolate/ exclude Thesis sentence: I agree with the author’s point of view towards the relationship between private life and work because bring private life to workplaces has many bad effects on both the one who does so and people around him. View1: personal activities should not be brought to the workplace since they can reduce one’s efficiency. Evidence: View2: dealing with one’s personal affairs at the workplace will inevitably produce negative effects on other coworkers. Evidence: Inspirer imitations thus affect the morale and productivity. Working atmosphere, morale, corporate culture. View3: since sometimes problems of private life will catch people all the time, the supervisors should be more sensitive to their subordinator’s difficulties, and he...
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