Evidence the issue here is whether an international

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Unformatted text preview: w, nations should attempt to regulate such access by cooperative regulatory effort. I base this view on the universality and importance of the interest in protecting children from harm, and on the inherently global nature of the problem. Adults everywhere have a serious interest in limiting children's access to pornographic material. Pornographic material tends to confuse children----distorting their notion of sex, of themselves as sexual beings, and of how people ought to treat one another. Particularly in the case of domination and child pornography, the messages children receive from pornographic material cannot contribute in a healthy way to their emerging sexuality. Given this important interest that knows no cultural bounds, we should regulate children's access to sexually explicit material on the internet. U . ˜ ò q² ¶ è ° ’ E ` 1=· ª V È( g (ozone depletion) n PRIME CRIMINAL(CFC)È ( g ¶ª V á /h ª ’ E R ’E . n, (POLITICAL HURDLE) Uò regulate access material worthwhile cooperative regulatory universality ¨ q U ·...
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