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Unformatted text preview: above-mentioned elements are also important in gaining the knowledge to achieve success. What is more, education can make a person improve morally and purify his or her spirit. In my point of 0 v .·ª view, morality is also an important element for one’s success, although it is always neglected or overlooked. Dictators, for instance, they are likely to be very intelligent and hard-working people, but they are inferior in ethic. It is obvious that those people can not be considered successful. The best way to make a person moral and respectable is education. It teaches people to tell good from bad; it helps people to distinguish justice form evil. privilege n&vt property determine access obtain excellent opportunity candidate 12 Education may be always play an indispensable role in getting successful in life. � � � � � � � � specialized and professional knowledge for future occupation, but also many essential principles and skills in the life, such as insight, virtue and analysis. q Ł + � � ‘ } @ • “ * � � ¨ 2 � � � � � � � � w key role � � �...
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