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Unformatted text preview: y. 8 E • “ , View1: a fulfilling personal life guarantees a healthy mind and energetic body which enhance professional performance. View2: Having a joyful career to devote to also in turn help to ensure a fulfilling personal life. View3: if to achieve professional success must have something to sacrifice, the things may not necessarily the important aspects of personal lives. Are professional success and a fulfilling personal life mutually exclusive? Probably not, although it is more difficult today to achieve both. Undeniably, today’s professionals must work long hours to keep their heads above water, let alone to get ahead in life financially. This is especially true in Japan, where cost of living, coupled with corporate culture, compel professional males to all but abandon their families and literally to work themselves to death. While the situation here in the states (United States) may not be as critical, the two­income family is now the norm, not by choice but by necessity. However, our society’s professionals are...
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