For instance a proliferation of ads for sport utility

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Unformatted text preview: on illustrated in this example. In sum, I don’t think that the advice offered in the statement is worth following. In my view, following this advice is more likely to produce unsuccessful results than successful ones. 31. “Financial gain should be the most important factor in choosing a career.” “ qè ° ’W ovB· ªA ÈL ” 1. & Ì€yª ’W s . 2 а v ¯ ª A 0v & Ì€yª ’W s . 2 а v ¯ ª A 0v X v B · ª A mother Teresa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize,dedicated the majority of her life to helping the poorest of the poor in India. Although she was not rich all through her life, she was happier than most of her contemporaries because she gained happiness when she helped the poor.bliss blessedness n & Ì€ w ª ’ E a n °Ð v¯ ªV 0va ·ª v= · ª V X 2. & Ì€ w ª ’ E a n °Ð v¯ ªV 0va & Ì€ w ª ’E a n °Ð v¯ ªV 0va othes choose to pursue intellectual or creative fulfillment-as wirters, artists, or ¨¥ 7 · musicians. R ’E 6=“ . U ignore overlook neglect pursue go in f...
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