Frostbite is known for its cold winters and cold

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Unformatted text preview: be meaningful. We are not informed how many flights or how many destinations were previously offered or how many are offered now. Moreover, the article makes no comparison with other airlines regarding these features. Without these comparisons, the claim is worthless as a reason for choosing Speedee over another airline. Thirdly, the article fails to indicate how long ago the industry began requiring airlines to report on­time rates. If the requirement was imposed recently, then the brief reporting period may be insufficient to show that the airlines’ relative on­time performance will continue in the future. Moreover, the article fails to provide evidence that all airlines, regardless of on­time record, actually reported, or that the reports are accurate. In conclusion, the article’s claim that Speedee is the best choice for the business traveler is unsubstantiated and may be too hasty. To better evaluate the article’s claim, we need more information about Speedee;s other features that contribute to its overall appeal, about its on-time record for commuter flights specifica...
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