Hence the city need spend a supplementary cost to

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Unformatted text preview: t location rather than suitability to a location was the cause of the success of Hippocrene and the failure of Cumquat. 97. The following appeared as part of an article in a computer magazine. “A year ago Apex Manufacturing bought its managers computers for their homes and paid for telephone connections so that the managers could access Apex computers and data files from home after normal business hours. Since last year, productivity at Apex has increased by 15 percent. Other companies can learn from the success at Apex: given home computers and access to company resources, employees will work additional hours at home and thereby increase company profits.” n �� Apex < � � � Apex ` ¶ ªV ƒ Î*- ’ E 15%� � �� p 5=“ Apex � � � ÿ8= “ 91U ð8=“ ` 8Apex � � � � =“ U gU Ø“· U5= “ • In this article the author attributes Apex Manufacturing’s 15 percent increase in productivity over the past year to its decision to equip its manager with computers and paid telephone connections for their homes so that they would access company computers and files from home...
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