However compulsory labor smacks of involuntary

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Unformatted text preview: � � @ @ � � � � � @K B E � � � � s View1: the most important factor of the evaluation of a AD is its persuasive power. To become more convincing, the designers of the AD always turn to emotional touch by evoking respondence on mass opinions. View2:ADs, whose nature is business promotions, are often dominate by beneficial concerns not national ideas. In order to determine whether advertisements reflect a nation’s ideas, it is necessary to determine whether advertisements present real ideas at all, and,if so, whose ideas they actually reflect. On both counts, it appears that advertisements fail to accurately mirror a nation’s ideas. Indisputably, advertisements inform us as to a nation’s values, attitudes, and priorities—what activities are worthwhile, what the future holds, and what is fashionable and attractive. For instance, a proliferation of ads for sport­utility vehicles reflects a societal concern more for safety and machismo than for energy conservation and fru...
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