However higher education is more egalitarian today

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Unformatted text preview: � � � � � w ) • property and money can provide the opportunity of receiving education. � privilege and property were the keys to education, and thus to success in life. q @ • “people have equal opportunity to obtain education. q @ • “ Property can no longer possess exclusively the resource of education. � � � � � � � � w 32 ˜ q @ • “ * � employers are more concerned with the real ability of the employees rather than their family fortune and social connection. � adequate competition people with higher education [email protected] “* background Optional words: Ensure/assure/ guarantee Thesis sentence: Money and property has been replaced by education as the main provider of individual opportunity to success. View1: In the past, the wealth people are more likely to be successful because the education is only accessible by them. When becomes available to almost everyone, education plays an more and more important role in providing opportunities to success. Evidence: View2:In today’s business world, employer a...
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