I agree in part often companies will conduct two

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Unformatted text preview: W I” 12 The government should be responsible for the adjustment of the workers. If all the citizens should be responsible for themselves, there is no use for the government to exist. 22 The government should also force the business to involve in the project. Because the government itself is incapable of doing so without concrete knowledge of each certain industry. In the long run, doing so will also benefit the business. 32 Admittedly, the workers should not rely on others to help them to adjust to varying situations. They themselves should adapt their skills and knowledge to the change of the industry and of the society. job obsolescence assume some of the responsibility 12 — ’ B · A ª take the chief responsibility of their job obsolescence. È L , ¶ ª A á Fkª ’W $ ’ * ?B6 . keep o *with the changes of the technologies 9 up and new direction of businesses % ’W &B6 merely rely on*the help ? coming from government or business — ’ B· ª A become passive and lose enterprise. ¸% 2 negative impact on the further development of one society. 22 pè...
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