In fact professional success usually requires the

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Unformatted text preview: izen must contribute, according to his or her ability, to a strong state. Modern history informs us that such systems do not work. One could argue that mandatory public service is simply a tax in the form of labor rather than dollars. However, compulsory labor smacks of involuntary servitude, whereas financial taxes do not. In conclusion, logistical and philosophical barriers to mandating public service outweigh its potential benefits for the nation as well as for participants. 36. “Businesses and other organizations have overemphasized the importance of working as a team. Clearly, in any human group, it is the strong individual, the person with the most commitment and energy, who gets things done.” “� ° Ð v ¯ ªA 0v. · ª A Z 4 ÿ. , ÐZ “· ªA ð ; È ¶ªA ” The author's assert brings in the controversail and complex question that is being discussed a lot now : teamwork or individual energy and commitment, which one is more important to a company or other types of organizaitons? The author claims that teamwork has been overemphasized. To the contrary, I believe that is the author who mak...
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