In this article the author concludes that literary

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Unformatted text preview: ve since instituted regular communications sessions conducted by high-level management, which the employees can attend on a voluntary basis. Therefore, it is likely that most employees at Company X now feel that the improvement most needed at the company has been made.” ˜ � p è° � X¨ < , ¶ ªt ’” ° Ð v ”ª á“ S ª ’ * · ª I X— B 6 Hv ” · ªF ’ X � p Z @I B E è C ° cþ A · ª’ ” c þA· ª ÿ 3 F “· ªÐZ Ì€ c ª ’ ” ð<È ¶ªÀvè h“ (p K 1. 2. 3. B6 ïI B 6 àI B E P IBE “ c þ A ·ª - cþ A · ª ” ) The result of a last year's survey does not necessarily represent the improvement most needed of this year. How was the survey held has not been illustrated by the author, thus making the conclusion groundless. Whether the implement of the mentioned resolution is right or wrong is still unkonwn, it is still too early to say the improvement has been made. � ¨ < ¶ “ *� � Æ ø anonymous � � � / hª’ E R named� p Ł +� � � ’E accept � 1 2 The Director of Human Resources concludes that most employee...
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