In turn every employee is more likely to get accurate

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Unformatted text preview: ’ W after all, $ ’W &B6 job —— * ? B 6 obsolescence ˜ qè° ’W H ’B·ªA È L opportunity of training for the new technique… ¸ % V· totally new employee 2 cost2 32 Moreover, L , ¶ ª A È á F kª ’ W $ ’W supervisor well being. X D B · ª ¸% X D B · ª adjustment. X D B · ª A insurance for unemployment, advice for the occupational choice, necessary information of the new trend of business… Thesis sentence: While individuals have primary responsibility for learning new skills and finding work, both industry and government have some obligation to provide them the means of doing so View1: l agree that individuals must assume primary responsibility for adjusting to job obsolescence, especially since our educational system has been preparing us for it View2: However, industry should bear some of the responsibility as well. It is industry, after all, that determines the particular directions technological progress and subsequent social change will take. Moreover in the long run, doing so will also benefit the b...
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