Limiting access to such information is akin to

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Unformatted text preview: V I base this view on the universality and importance of the interest in protecting children from harm, and on the inherently global nature of this problem. pornographic n sexual ø s U · ª emerging ø sU · ª sexuality n bound contained within national border be akin to emission release phenomenon regulation contamination n contaminate admittedly formidable hurdle compliance n consequence n cooperate 12 pornographic material has seriously negative effect on children­misleading their sense of sex, of the normal relationships between people, and of themselves as sexual beings. � � � � � � � �¤ 8 @ • “ * � are vulnerable to the bad influence of such adults materials � � distract their concentration from study to those distorted notions. � p Ł + � � � � � � � protect them from being hurt and influenced by such materials. However, 8 @ • “ * regulations lose their previous effectiveness because of the development of internet. Just as the com...
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