Moreover government should help because it can

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Unformatted text preview: the injured party is not the original consumer. Manufacturers cannot ensure that second­hand users receive safe products or adequate instructions and warnings. Finally, where the injured consumer uses the product for a purpose or in a manner other than the intended one, or where there were patent dangers that the user should have been aware of, it seems the user, not the manufacturer, should assume the risk of injury. In sum, despite compelling interests in consumer safety and product innovation, holding manufacturers accountable for all injuries caused by their products is unjustifiably costly to society and unfair to manufacturers. 68. “Since the physical work environment affects employee productivity and morale, the employees themselves should have the right to decide how their workplace is designed.” “, ƒ Î * -’ E p 5=“ ÿ8 =“ ð 8 =“ ” `8 1. brings creativity and coziness 2. makes colleagues more closely and companionate 3. Admittedly, some companies such as consulting/consultant? company must avoid too much dec...
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