Moreover it is severely biased to praise peoples

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Unformatted text preview: es. È(g¶ª V á / hª’ E R ’ E controversial topic 1 The proponents of this view may argue that ¨ < ¶ “ * � � Æ % “ + � � R � � � compared with the huge achievements, those great people’s faults appear so unimportant as to be forget. � � Yet even a cursory review of the private lives of past Presidents reveals substantial evidence that Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy had extramarital affairs. Thomas Jefferson, many believe, fathered children by one of his slaves. And Grover Cleveland confessed to having an illegitimate child. p è °’W Roosevelt boosted the American economy and cease the recession…Ø p * · ª A neglect such faults. 9 o* *,* * ? B 6 ao, who released Chinese from the M 3 aggression of other nations, and also, who started the “Great culture revolution” in China which brought huge disaster to hundreds and thousands of innocent people. Poet named “Haizi” who is highly achieved in arts and literature, murdered his wife and then committed suicide. It is...
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