Moreover research suggests that cooperative settings

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Unformatted text preview: stimulate/ excite/ prompt/ arouse/ encourage/ incite/ inspire Fear/dread/ alarm/ terror/ scare Thesis sentence: While self-interest and fear are two important forces that motivate people, they are not the only forces that motivate people. the speaker oversimplifies human nature, ignoring the important motivating force of altruism. View1: On the one hand, I agree that most of our actions result in large part from selfinterest and from our survival instincts, such as fear. Evidence: educational and vocational lives are motivated by interest in ensuring our livelihood, safety, health and so on. View2: On the other hand, the assertion that all of our actions are essentially motivated by self-interest and fear is based on the belief that human beings are essentially selfish, or egoistic. Thus, overemphasize one aspect of human nature. Humans are also altruistic—that is, we act to benefit others, even though doing so may not in be in our own interest. Evidence: The speaker claims that people are motivated only by fear and self­interest. This claim reli...
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