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Unformatted text preview: l types of equipment does not necessarily guarantee the reduction of the overall cost of the convertion of solar energy into electicity. It is still too early to say that the technologies for converting the solar energy that are being researched and developed will certainly make the solar energy cost efficient and attractive. Even if the cost reduction of the solar energy is immediately accessible, it is still imprudent to say the solar energy is more attractive compared with the coal and oil as a source of electrical power. The former performance of the CEO does not guarantee the future success of the Solario. From the autor's assertion, the CEO's ability to manage this solar energy company is, in fact, somewhat dubious, because he or she once was on the financial planning team for Ready-to-ware, which is in the industry completely different from the Solario. ¨ (g ¶ ª V á / hª’ E cost R � � � ’ E R 6 =“ ’E . U5 1 2 32 � � � ø Å CEO In this argument the plannin...
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