On the other hand a bank in the same location might

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Unformatted text preview: in both enrollments and admissions applications. The reason can be discovered from our students, who most often cite poor teaching and inadequate library resources as their chief sources of dissatisfaction with Fern Valley. Therefore, in order to increase the number of students attending our university, and hence to regain our position as the most prestigious university in the greater Fern Valley metropolitan area, it is necessary to initiate a fund-raising campaign among the alumni that will enable us to expand the range of subjects we teach and to increase the size of our library facilities.” Discuss how well reasoned... etc. ¸Ó G ´ ª * ‚ G∙ “ * � ˛ � �� � � � � ˛ Fem Valley ‚ G∙ “ * � Fem Valley — I BE � � � � @ I B E BE Q- ’+ p KBE à IBE ÿI B E PI B E ð / þ A·ª * /þ J · ª V 8= “ /þ A · ª * `8 3 Ì €w ª’E Fem Valley � � �� � � � � � » y w þJ ·ªV p K BE � � � � I 1n Ð I BE � � � � @ I B E /...
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