One obvious rebuttal to the authors reasoning is that

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Unformatted text preview: m. 102. The following appeared in a memorandum sent by a vice-president of the Nadir Company to the company’s human resources department. “Nadir does not need to adopt the costly ‘family-friendly’ programs that have been proposed, such as part-time work, work at home, and job-sharing. When these programs were made available at the Summit Company, the leader in its industry, only a small percentage of employees participated in them. Rather than adversely affecting our profitability by offering these programs, we should concentrate on offering extensive training that will enable employees to increase their productivity.” Discuss how well reasoned . . . etc. Nadir q Ł ; � ��� � ” @ I BE Ì € cª ’” h è ö ªÈ< c4·ª þ cþ A · ª o 2 Ì €y ª ’W ° Ðv ¯ ªA I ummit � � ��� � S ØE 0v .·ª A Nadir —I B E � 12 22 32 42 false analogy It is imprudent 2 to say the “family-friendly” programs are costly and not profitable. Likewise, it is also imprudent to say the “family-friendly” programs a...
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